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Scholarship Opportunities


The Tribble School for the Performing Arts offers full and partial need-based scholarships to students with a passion for the arts.
If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please reach out to Kristina Sullivan, and send her the following:

* Which Tribble Session are you applying for?
Summer, Spring, or Fall?
* Which class is your student interested in?
* Please send an email or a mailed letter describing your financial situation and what sort of assistance you are needing
* Please send or email or letter with the following from your student
Why they want to be a part of the program?
What their past experience (if any) in the arts has been?
What are other hobbies and extracurricular activities?
What is their favorite song, musical, play or kind of dance?
Anything else they would like to share!
* You may be asked to send in one letter of recommendation from someone who knows and has previously worked with the student, explaining how the program would benefit the student, and vice versa.
All correspondence, responses and questions can be sent to:

Kristina Sullivan
Tribble School Director
12777 Queensbury Lane
Houston, TX 77024